Beinn Alligin & Liathach

I met Harry, David, Richard and Vahan at Torridon in the lashing rain last Saturday morning, wondering how much fun we were really going to have today!
Beinn Alligin was our target and by the time we drove up to the Carpark, the rain had eased a bit and the forecast was for things to gradually improve as the day went on. We practiced a bit of basic navigation on the path that led up towards the foot of the Horns of Alligin. Everyone made short work of the first section of scrambling before reaching the horns proper and I could see that we would have no problems, even with the awkward descent of the first Horn. The weather wasn’t the best but sometimes its better like that. We scrambled along in mist, then windows of stunning scenery would open up then close again without warning.
After the Horns we had a stiff pull up onto the summit of Sgurr Mor, the first Munro. From here it was mainly walking with a few steps of scrambling before reaching the summit of Tom na Gruagaich the second Munro of Alligin. We had some good views from the summit but the mist soon closed in again and followed us down the mountain, perfect timing!

For Sundays adventure we were going to up the ante a bit and see how everyone would cope with the Am Fasarinen pinnacles on the dramatic ridge of Liathach. The weather forecast for the day was much better than the day before but standing on the summit of Spidean Choire Leith, the first Munro on the east west traverse, in the mist and lashing rain. I think everyone could have come up with somewhere they would rather be. Luckily by the time we had reached the start of the Pinnacles the weather had improved slightly, no views but the rain had eased. We slowly made our way along the crest using the rope for the more exposed sections with the visibility constantly improving to give us some views down into the glen. Then, just as we finished the last part of the scrambling the mist cleared and we were in sunshine with blue skies above while the remaining section of the ridge stood out draped in mist on the North side and bathed in sun on the south side. We had amazing views from Mullach an Rathain at end of the ridge and could finally relax knowing that it was all downhill from here on.
Thanks to Harry, David, Richard and Vahan for their good company on two great days.

blog by Dunc Maclennan, nineonesix-guiding

more photos on our facebook page.


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