SYHA Torridon Munros 28-30th August

As ever, mountain days in the Highlands are often dictated by the weather. With the forecast implying the wind was to drop we opted for Beinn Alligin first, Liathach second and Beinn Eighe on the third day (when it looked to get wilder again).


Gorgeous Beinn Alligin


Nooks and Crannies


Liathach scrambling


Triple Buttresses


Windy Ruadh-stac Mor

Getting out of the cars at the Beinn Alligin car park we were accosted by hordes of midgies, and hoofed it up the path to the next breezy spot where we could relax and enjoy the views once again, breeze has it’s uses. We got a wee bit of cloud up high, but plenty of stunning views to enjoy along the way. On the way down there was a general appreciation of the great job mountain path builders do.

The midgies chased us up Liathach, and by the time there was a good enough breeze to stop and enjoy the views we were all fairly hot and sweaty but good progress had been made. The path doesn’t hang around so before long we were enjoying the ridge itself. Great walking and scrambling of course, but if you look around there are all sorts of amazing things to see as well. The forecast had said rain in the afternoon, and we only got wet for the last fifteen minutes before the road, well timed!

After a wild night and into a wild morning we agreed to head around into Coire Mhic Fhearchair, and go Ruadh-Stac Mor so hopefully we would be relatively sheltered and get into on of the most amazing Coires in Scotland. At the back of the Coire it was up the “stairway to heaven” on pink Quartzite along the ridge in a stiff but manageable breeze until the last 20-30 metres to the summit where we were almost bowled over by the wind. We scuttled our way back to the shelter of lower ground and enjoyed amazing views all the way back to the car park, a good effort by all.

Iain Murray


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