SYHA Torridon Munros

Proof of sun & wonderful views!

Proof of sun & wonderful views!

Wild, wet and windy on Beinn Eighe. Stories told of outstanding views and enormous cliffs, but we had to be almost underneath the triple buttresses before we could see them. Up we go to the ridge to get a good bracing wind to keep us on our toes, and of course the obligatory 2015 rain, just to add to our adventure. Amanda, Nigel and David took on the fairly foul day with good spirit and a spring in their step and we did both munros in good time to enjoy a post hill refreshment!

With a less windy forecast, we were off to traverse Liathach and although the bodies weren’t quite so willing there were some whoops and giggles as we made our way across the Am Fasarinen pinnacles. There may not have been any views on the crest, but this may have helped with a wee bit of the exposure. As we made our down the steep and tricky West end path, we were rewarded for our efforts with some stunning views over the glen.

As Nigel and Amanda had already crossed over Beinn Alligin and were planning Ben Nevis later in the week, that left me and David to do the round starting with the Horns of Alligin. The weather had once again turned cold and windy so with a couple of quick stops for food hiding behind lumps of rock, we took advantage of the poor visibility and David got to practise some navigation techniques, where we focused on keeping it as pragmatic and simple as possible. We met some path builders on the way down, doing a great job and seemingly unfazed by the weather.

Scrambling in the mist!

Scrambling in the mist!

Proof of sun & wonderful views!

Proof of sun & wonderful views!

Cheers, Iain


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