Dubhs by Dan…another happy client’s of Nathan’s blog


Dubh Ridge–While doing the Clach Glas to Bla Bheinn Traverse on a beautiful Skye day I had the Dubh Ridge pointed out to me and was told the best way to experience it was by coming in by boat.  So, given my obsessive personality and the fact I love Skye I planned this weekend for over a year.  I told my climbing colleague Brad about it and he arranged a yard pass to join me.  It did not disappoint.  Even with the cloud down so we could not see more than about fifty metres much of the day the scrambling was spectacular and never stopped.  It is a big day.  Bigger than we had anticipated with quite a bit of driving but well worth it.  We met our guide Nathan at 7:15 at the end of Glen Brittle and made the hour plus drive to Elgol.  The time included moving a herd of cows out of our path on the Glen Brittle road but this event gave me the opportunity to entertain Brad with yet another one of my hidden and useless talents.  We boarded the Misty Isle at about 9:15 for our crossing arriving about 10:00.  We were to the base of the ridge at about 10:30.  What a great day of scrambling.  The rock grips incredibly well and it just kept going and going and going.  Nathan told us the main ridge is about 900 metres long but that doesn’t include the rest of the ridge before reconnecting with the main Cuillin Ridge.  We took our time going up and doing the abseil so it was around 4pm when we met up with the main ridge.  From there we took about 2 hours and forty five minutes to make our way to the car arriving around 6:45 for the drive back to Elgol to get my car.  It is a long walk out, especially with Brad whistling bad show tunes but worth it to do this route.  The only panic of the day was whether or not we could get back to Sligachan in time for dinner (9:00pm), which we did, although that first pint was more important to me than the excellent haggis, neeps and tatties.  Sgurr a Mhadaidh and Sgurr a Ghreadaidh–After such a big day on Saturday we were fine with a leisurely two munros taking six and a bit hours on Sunday.  However, unlike the thick cloud cover that never left the ridge on Saturday, Sunday broke sunny and cloud free around the ridge.  Spectacular.  The best part was being able to look over at Dubh Ridge and our previous day’s work. (actually, the best part was Brad not whistling show tunes today but the weather was stunning) 9:30 was a lazy start but it was nice to have a hot breakfast before the climb.  It is a beautiful walk up to An Dorus and short walk/scrambles to both munros from there.  The views were stunning.  We were easily back to the car by 3:45 and headed for home with another fabulous weekend on Skye under our belts with our outstanding nineonesix guide Nathan.  Oh, after such a long day on Dubh Ridge would we ever do it again?????  In a heartbeat.


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