The best kind of feedback…


I’m glad you’re pleased because we owe you and the rest of the nineonesix-guiding team a huge thanks for helping us bring our climbing on. We wouldn’t be having the fun we are without you.

Glad it is a good winter for you – maybe we might fit in a day on the Ben together before the end of the season?

Hope the rescue team training went well today? We had a fantastic day on the Slant and Jacob’s Ladder. The Slant was in good condition (although we had to dig a bit to get gear!) and we both loved it. Tara led a couple of pitches and got to top out so she’s very pleased with herself! It was too good a day to waste so we then dropped back into the corrie and soloed Jacob’s. It’s a fun wee gully. Then, of course, down to the Mountain Cafe for an all day breakfast.

Hope to see you soon. We’ll be in touch this week about dates for Spain.


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