openhouse self-heating meals


Earlier this month my friend John and I completed a two day mountain biking trip from Strathcarron over to Strathconnon.  We wanted to go light so this was a great opportunity to try out some self-heating meals from openhouse products.  Aaron had kindly given me some to test so John and I were looking forward to our chicken in pasta, sticky toffee pudding & spicy rice pudding.  The photo above shows me tucking into a brilliant all day breakfast on day two, nicely wrapped up in my Keela jacket.

The attraction for us was to go clean and light with no dirty pots to deal with and only one pot for water, plus stove required.  We were not disappointed – a careful read of the instructions, a few minutes wait while it heated and we were soon enjoying warm, proper food.  Each meal comes wrapped and each part of it is easy to open before putting it all together to self-heat.

I was impressed with the quality of the meals, as mentioned earlier, it tastes real, which makes a huge difference.  For a two, or three day trip these meals would definitely be something I would take again.  As when going lightweight it is great to only have to boil water, then eat.

For my ‘All day breakfast’ I decided to pop the bag into my pot and heat it up conventionally.  This made for a piping hot start to the day.  If you didn’t want to ‘self-heat’ your meal this is a useful option.

Next month I am doing two Silver D of E expeditions and would be perfectly happy to use these again.

blog by Jim Sutherland, more photos here



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