Helen, Laura, Heather and Sarah winter skills 27th of April, Cairngorms


On Sunday the 27th I headed up to the Cairngorms to meet clients; Helen, Laura, Heather and Sarah. We were aiming to catch the tail end of the winter season and have a winter skills session in the Northern Corries. The forecast was for reasonable weather and I had reliable information the Corries still had some good snow! Setting off in high spirits from the car park, Laura set a blistering pace and we were at the mountain rescue box in no time. We took some time to have a look over to the great slab in Lochain which looks like it has begun to slide.  As I had been informed there was plenty of good spring snow around the black butresses. We had a lengthy and enjoyable ice axe arrest session before we strapped on the crampons and headed up 0.5 gully to gain some experience on the snow. Topping out of the gully onto the plateau was a little steeper providing an exciting finish. Now to test the navigation skills! The girls all did some micro navigation to get us back to point 1141 and down into Coire Cas. The proved themselves to be good navigators and we finished the day with a bucket seat demonstration. Overall we had a great day with some excellent views across the Aviemore valley. A lovely way to spent my sunday off school!

blog by Alex Moran, more photos on the gallery



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