Rock climbing trip to Mallorca, April 5-12, 2014



Sun-baked crags, spectacular scenery and learning how to climb in a pair of Crocs – the tale of our spring cragging trip to Mallorca with nineonesix-guiding…

Having already spent some fantastic, if chilly, days in the Scottish mountains with the team from nineonesix-guiding, we didn’t take much persuasion when Jim suggested that for our next adventure we swap the down jackets, axes and crampons for shorts, shades and suntan cream and head to Pollenca in Mallorca for a week of sport climbing.

Until you get out there you can’t really appreciate just what a fantastic climbing venue Mallorca is. To describe this as a cragging trip really doesn’t do it justice. In six days we got to experience four fantastic, and very different, crags (hill-top, forest, coastal cliff and on the beach), the simply breathtaking traverse of the Cavall de Bernat ridge and the exhilarating multi-pitch ascent of Albahida at Sa Gubia.

All of the crags we visited we would highly recommend, whatever grade you climb at. Puig St Marti is a picturesque hilltop crag with superb views, S’estret is a series of crags hidden in the trees, LaCreveta is in a spectacular cliff-top setting and Cala Magraner is right on the beach (bring your trunks!).

Beyond the climbing, Mallorca, and Pollenca in particular, is a fantastic place to visit, full of traditional Spanish character, warm, friendly people, great food and some pretty good beer!

But this trip really was about the climbing, and in particular developing our skills to allow us to move from the climbing wall to the crag once back home in (hopefully sunny) Scotland. Jim and Ian’s teaching was fun and relaxed but hugely effective. Sunday saw us climb pretty scrappily up an easy grade 4 route at Puig St Marti and by Friday we were leading 4+ routes and seconding some pretty steep 5+ routes at the brilliant seaside crag of Cala Magraner.

If you had told us at the start of the week that we would get this far with our climbing and that, in addition, we’d have completed a 230m multi-pitch climb and an unforgettable ridge traverse we’re not sure we’d have believed you. The fact that we did, and had an amazing time doing it, is testament to the Nineonesix-guiding team and what they can help you achieve. They never disappoint and our experiences with nineonesix-guiding are always hugely enjoyable.

As with all of our experiences with nineonesix-guiding we have come away from this trip with as many great stories to tell over a pint in the Clachaig, Mountain Cafe or Torridon Inn as we have great advice and training to improve our climbing. For example there’s the story of how you need a tow truck, a taxi and two parcel shelves to repair a puncture in Mallorca, how a slight mispronunciation of ‘redpoint’ in German can lead to an embarrassing situation and, of course, how the only way to second a 5+ in a pair of Crocs is to make sure you deploy the heel loops…

If you are reading this and thinking about booking up for 2015 we suggest that you move quickly or you might just find that we have got in there first!

blog by our clients Malcolm & Tara, click here to see our favourite photos

And finally a word from Jaime, ‘our man in Spain’…

When Jim Sutherland from nineonesix-guiding asked us to get involved in
arranging accommodation for a climbing trip to Mallorca we were happy to
help as his is just the sort of company we want to be associated with.
In awayfromthecrowds we also aspire to promote fair and sustainable
tourism and by using local companies, and minimising environmental
impacts, nineonesix-guiding is showing that this can be achieved.

The personal touch is a key feature in our approach to tourism. We want
our customers to have genuine experiences which will stay with them for
a long time and will mark them is some way. We try to achieve that by
visiting the less travelled trails and country roads, staying at more
genuine places and adding an element of “adventure” to our tours. Life
is too short to pass by without making lasting memories!

Gracias nineonesix-guiding y Gracias Malcom and Tara!

Jaime Bartolomé




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