Three mechanicals and some dodgy dibbing…

Picture 1

Yesterday I took part in The Tour de Ben Nevis, organised by No Fuss Events in Fort WIlliam.

Events such as this, Ten Under the Ben and The Strathpuffer from Hands on Events have become more and more popular over the last five years.

A lot of us believe that this can only be good for biking, health & well being and Scotland! Going by the smiles and good spirit yesterday this is very much the case. Organisations such as Developing Mountain Biking in Scotland are also contributing to this by reaching out to more riders and local communities.

Here in Torridon we are already firmly on the radar with folk like Andy from Go-Where showcasing the area. Being local to the area myself at nineonesix-guiding and colleagues such as Ian and Laura at Stewart Mountain Skills are also active – sometimes picking our day to do uber-Loops such as this 45km and 1300m of vertical on Strava.

So finally, why the title? Well yesterday my unofficial time was somewhere around the 7 hour mark. Not a big deal but I had to fix a snapped front mech cable, a sheared suspension pivot and a puncture. Why unofficial? I did not ‘dib’ properly on two of the stages…

blog by Jim Sutherland


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