Stuc Coire an Laoigh, Beinn Eighe.


Beinn Eighe was the objective today for Susy. Given the tremendous views she has seen of it in the past along with my description of enjoyable, but easy scrambling which led to a Munro it seemed an obvious choice.
As we headed up the wonderful stalkers path from Glen Torridon the clouds lifted more and more to reveal great views over a very calm Loch Clair to the south. At the top of the stalkers path we stopped for a snack of some freshly-picked blaeberries, more photos and some revision of navigation.
By now the morning’s work was looming steeply above us – the scramble up Stuc Coire an Laoigh. Susy took more and more of the lead as we ascended this blocky ridge. Worn rock and the usual crampon scratches from winter are always a useful guide when not on the more busy routes. Near the top we had the chance to look at the east ridge of Liathach more closely; from here this Torridon giant really does look like some Tolkien castle.
The drizzle that had threatened arrived and soon turned to rain. Not a problem as we both had brand new waterproofs to test out today! The trig point above Coire an Laoigh soon arrived, as it always does and then in ten minutes we had reached Spidean Coire nan Clach – Susy’s first Torridon Munro.
Despite fairly steady rain and a very eroded path we made an efficient descent into Coire an Laoigh. This gave us the chance to look at the entire route we had taken and to plan future adventures here for those who were unable to make it this trip!

blog by Jim Sutherland


click here to see more photos from today.


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