Chi Squared 450m, IV, 4 – Liathach


Today I went climbing with my friends Arjan & Steven (his photo above). We had intended to head into CMF for Fuselage Gully/West Buttress to avoid the crowds. Yesterday I had noticed that ‘Chi Squared’ had a good amount of ice in it which is unusual. Steven was keen to have a shorter walk in than yesterday when he did a new route near Seanna Bhraigh. So we all settled on giving this 450 meter route a go. We moved together on some sections and pitched others at grade IV, III and IV. To be honest the grades were not important it was just fun to be out with friends and have the route as well as that end of Liathach to ourselves!

Winter mountaineering/skills this week, then 3 days at Coruisk, a wee break and then a guided winter climbing day so still a lot going on in Wonderful Wester Ross.

blog by Jim Sutherland



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