Keela clothing update

This winter nineonesix-guiding and Keela have got together.  We are going to try out some of their new products for a variety of activities; here is a an update on what we’ve been up to so far:

Hill walking

The men’s belay jacket packed away with surprising ease in a 12 litre rucksack.  The fabric of the lining also meant that it moved comfortably on top of a hardshell jacket.


The women’s Liberty softshell vented very easily whilst on the move and the garment itself was comfortable and waterproof.

Mountain biking

The men’s Lynx softshell was used on a 30 mile mountain bike ride in almost constant rain. The deep, full length pockets were very useful during quick stops to take on food, or use a navigation device.


The woman’s softshell and belay jacket were used on a short scramble.  Once again the softshell was comfortable and waterproof in quite persistent rain.  The belay jacket proved to be an excellent barrier against the wind and rain as well.

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