A lottery win on Skye

When you book a trip to Skye in October, you should at the same time, buy a lottery ticket. Within the same week, or even day, at this time of year, you can get absolutely any type of weather; sunshine, low cloud, rain, sleet, snow and high winds. This week Dan took his chances and lined up all six numbers and a bonus ball!!


With a good forecast for monday we had planned to head up to the Inn Pinn first and then continue along the ridge to visit a few other Munro tops. That plan quickly went out of the window when the clouds parted early in the morning to reveal considerable fresh snow down to about 600 meters! A rapid alteration of the plan saw us at the north end of the ridge. A great snowy scramble up the North ridge of Sgurr a Basteir gave amazing views of the northern munros in their full winter glory, adding a true alpine scale to the peaks. We continued along to Bruach Na Frithe, stopping for a while to just soak in the view of the ridge to the south, breathtaking!From there we decended into Corie a Basteir and then climbed the west ridge of Sgurr nan Gillean, the first pitch feeling more like winter grade 4 than summer moderate!

A truly amazing day in the hills and we were both feeling very lucky, especially given the bonus ball luck of a Broken Spectre as we climbed onto the ridge, and a Golden Eagle soaring twenty feet away from our belay, I cant think of anything that was missing from this perfect day in the mountains!


The next day was bright and with some snow gone from the sunny slopes on monday we headed to the Inn Pinn to find it just clear of snow, but unfortunately covered in boy scouts instead who were making unbelievably slow progress up the route. Fortunately we again had perfect views to enjoy as we waited and summited in time to head north and scramble up to Sgurr na Banachdich before heading back to the valley.


A real treat of two days on Skye, thanks for bringing the luck Dan, please come back soon!!


If you think I’m exaggerating look at the photos here!


For more information about our guiding on skye check out the website.


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