All Topped out!

Today was a first for me, the first time I have been involved with a Munro round completion. Ian and Sarah, after many years of dedication completed their ‘Munro Tops’ on Meal Dearg on Liathach. Having just passed half way on my own Munro round I realise just how much it must mean to be finished.

We had reasonable weather heading into Corie Na Caime, with snow arriving just as we summited.

Blog By Ian Stewart


One thought on “All Topped out!

  1. Sara and I had got very near this top on two occasions. Both times we looked at Meall Dearg from the Mullach and decided not to “go there from here.” Ian took us in the back door and enabled us to tick the last top on our list, having been shown the way to the tooth on Am- Basteir last year. We had a most enjoyable and satisfying day, despite the weather on the out.. Thanks again to Ian for all his support and to Jim for the arrangements.
    Sara and Ian Chapple

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