Liathach ascent via Coire Liath.

Around lunchtime I managed to take advantage of a weather window and nipped up the south side of Liathach to see how damaging the thaw has been.  The gullies, snowfields and butresses of Coire Liath have often provided a good mountaineering route the the main ridge and Spidean a ‘ Coire Leith.  I was not disappointed today, either.  After a wee scramble through the rock band I was able to climb the gully leading up to where ‘Way Up’ grade I, also hits the main ridge.  This popular route also looks complete, just as Martin Moran said in his blog on the 26th, it just depends on what the next thaw does…

The forecast was for more unpleasantness later in the afternoon so I made sure to be down in good time via, what we call in the rescue team, ‘The Escapte Chute’.  There was plenty of daylight left so I used another rescue team route to save the legs from a pounding on the normal route down.

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More photos in the gallery.

blog by Jim Sutherland



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