Coulin Capers.

Susy asked me to take some of her friends on a wee adventure on the hills above Coulin.  This was lovely because I have a family connection here as my grandfather was a gardener at Coulin Estate in the ’20s & 30s; as well as my uncle being born there.

Today the weather certainly obliged by giving the mountains a very atmospheric feel to them.  Unfortunately the persistent rain, cloud and sometimes blustery winds stopped us from getting up one the bigger Coulin Forest peaks.  Everyone showed god spirit, teamwork and determination to ascent an un-named peak of 601m instead.  On the ascent there were plenty of opportunities to look at route-finding, navigation techniques such as the GPS, pacing, taking direct bearings and using features to stay on line.

It was an absolute pleasure to guide Cecilia; John; Amhel; Matthew; Chad, Paddy and William today.  Click here for more photos.

Jim Sutherland



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