another windy day in ‘The Gorms’

windy at 'The Ciste'

Today Kirsty, Dunc and I took Rob and his  thirteen mates up to ‘The Ciste’ to help start his stag weekend celebrations.  Not that strange a request as Rob and a few of the others were keen to get out and experience the Scottish winter again!  The conditoins certainly didn’t disappoint them.  Along with some other teams we found some excellent slopes to practice stepping, stopping a slip and self-arresting a slide.  Everyone also learnt how to build a bucket seat and buried axe belay in some rather excellent hard snow.  Trying out the South African abseil from a snow bollard also proved to be enjoyable but nothing it appeared could stop some of the group practising self-arrest at every opportunity!  Even with rucksacks on at the end of the day.  Let’s hope you don’t have to use it for real.

A great day too for the nineonesix-guiding instructors, thanks to Rob and friends for their great ‘Can do’ attitude!

More photos on the gallery. Some movies coming soon tooCheck out our new winter page here.

blog by Jim Sutherland, nineonesix-guiding


2 thoughts on “another windy day in ‘The Gorms’

  1. Thanks to Jim, Kirsty and Dunc for a brilliant day. You were all fantastic and great fun. Was bang on for what we wanted as the group was a real mix of abilities and experience. Great location and good quick replanning considering the weather thwarted the original plans!

    We all had a great time, and learned some useful skills as well! Thanks also for tolerating our faffing at the start!

    A lot of the guys would love to make it back up to the mountains again having had a taster, so hopefully see you guys in the future!

    Rob (the stag)

  2. We couldn’t have wished for 3 more accommodating, enthusiastic and friendly guides than Jim, Kirsty and Dunc. We had a fantastic day out on the mountain with them which they pitched at exactly the right level for what the group wanted. It was my second time on a day trip out with nineonesix and I’d definitely go back again for more.
    PS Thanks for sending through the CD with all the pics and videos Jim.

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