Adventure Malta Cairngorms Expedition

We were joined at the weekend by a team from Adventure Malta for an expedition in the Cairngorms. Before heading onto the hill some of the team had never seen snow and the contrast from 28 degrees at home to minus 5 on the hill was quite a shock! However the team were well equipped and after setting up a base camp in Corie an Lochain we made our way to the summit of Lurchers crag.

The second day was spent on a journey around the corrie, introducing the key winter skills of use of crampons and ice axes, self arrest and navigation.

The team got to experience a full range of scottish conditions, from stunning clear views to some good scottish whiteout and were given a final test while striking camp on sunday by a wind gusting to 50 mph!

A very rewarding and entertaining expedition, already looking forward to next year!

There are more photos in the gallery


2 thoughts on “Adventure Malta Cairngorms Expedition

  1. Thank you for the great 3 days we spent in the Cairngorms, it was an amazing experience for us who never see any snow in Malta, let alone the beautiful mountains and the great (and bad) weather we had. We loved every minute of it!

    Special thanks to our great guides Ian and Nathan, looking forward to meeting you again, maybe in Malta or for another expedition!

  2. On behalf of Adventure Camping Shop and myself, I would like to thank NINEONESIX for the amazing mountineering expedition,it was a unforgetable experience!Wish I could press the rewind button to return back to those 3 days in the cairngorms 🙂 Also a very special thanks to these 2 technical and very dedicated guides Ian and Nathan!;) Hope to see you all in the near future….:D

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