Cool at Cummingston.

Jola tops out!

Dominic and Jola spent a day at Cummingston with Jim, Mick and Duncan from the nineonesix – guiding team.

Dominic and Jola have successfully reached the summits of many peaks in Scotland, during their time over here from Poland.  However, they had never done any rock climbing.  Cummingston once again proved to be a perfect alternative to the Northern Corries and they managed 4 routes and 2 abseils with Jim.  By the end of the day they had also become a lot more independent with regard to belaying one another, tying into the rope and belays as well as using climbing gear.

Look out for more pictures later this week on the ninonesix – guiding gallery and perhaps a movie too…

Check out the nineonesix – guiding website for your own rock climbing or winter adventures.


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