Rest day in Shieldaig.

rack for our scramble

Today Alasdair & Nevin opted for a ‘rest day’ scrambling above the school, outdoor swimming pool and playing fields in Shieldaig.  To start our rest day properly we went to ‘Nannys‘ for a coffee and a chat about the objectives for the day.

To begin with Alasdair and Nevin looked at different types of rock protection, from spikes, threads, wires, hexes and through to camming devices.  Once the guys had built a suitable anchor of their own they did a couple of stacked abseils off it.

We then moved across to a popular training crag to look at movement on scrambling terrain, belaying, using clove hitches and once again, different types of rock protection.  Despite it being damp on the hill the Lewisian Gneiss was nice as usual, although the midges a pain at times.

We are all looking forward to our final day tomorrow and an attempt on that great Torridonian ridge – Liathach.

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