Torridon Munros – Beinn Eighe

On Stuic Coire an Laoigh, Beinn Eighe

Day One of our SYHA Torridon Munros course and we took Alasdair and Nevin up onto Beinn Eighe to kick off what should be a great week! Rather than following the ‘usual’ path from Coire an Laoigh onto the ridge, we ventured up by a wee scramble and got some hands-on practice of scrambling techniques. We spotted all sorts of plants on the way up, ranging from Tormentil and Bog Asphodel through to Fir Clubmoss and Bog Myrtle, whilst also talking about the local geology – the quartz was especially glittering today (OK so that’s one way of saying it was a bit wet….!). After grabbing lunch just over the summit of Spidean Coire nan Clach, we popped back down by the north edge of Coire an Laoigh and polished off the day with some rope practice.  All in all, a very full day for Alasdair and Nevin!

Blog and photos by Richard Cockburn.

walking off Beinn Eighe


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